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Show Up For Yourself 20oz

Show Up For Yourself 20oz

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Show Up For Yourself is a beautiful combination tumbler. It has beautiful black glitter stripes and some amazing Holographic Tiger Lily vinyl stripes. With an inspirational decal on it. Sealed with multiple layers of epoxy to create a smooth finish.

*Hand Wash ONLY! (Do NOT put in dishwasher)

*Do NOT leave the tumbler expose to extreme heat/cold (Do not leave in car for extended periods of time during extreme hot/cold weather.)

*Do NOT put in freezer

*Do NOT drop. Dropping may cause the epoxy to crack

*Do NOT soak. Leaving the tumbler submerged (even partially) may soften the epoxy.

*This is a handmade item. There may be small imperfections. That is the nature of handmade items. 

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