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Scrollwork 20oz

Scrollwork 20oz

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Scrollwork is a "burst" style tumbler, where a double sided adhesive is used to create the intricate design and then applied to the tumbler. Sealed with multiple layers of epoxy to create a smooth finish.

This tumbler also holds a little surprise! The white scrollwork lines are a UV glitter. When exposed to UV light (such as sunlight) the white lines will change to a very light blue color!

*Hand Wash ONLY! (Do NOT put in dishwasher)

*Do NOT leave the tumbler expose to extreme heat/cold (Do not leave in car for extended periods of time during extreme hot/cold weather.)

*Do NOT put in freezer

*Do NOT drop. Dropping may cause the epoxy to crack

*Do NOT soak. Leaving the tumbler submerged (even partially) may soften the epoxy.

*This is a handmade item. There may be small imperfections. That is the nature of handmade items. 

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